5 Creative Newborn Photo Shoot Ideas

5 Creative Newborn Photo Shoot Ideas

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Do you enjoy seeing every glimpse of what it’s really like to be home with a newborn? Celebrate the blessing, beauty, and importance of a newborn baby with your favorite photographer. Capture the innocence and the lovable emotions of this special time.


A new baby is a life-changing experience, especially for the parents. And to ease this difficult challenge, why not let your baby, as well as the whole family, do newborn photography?


Newborn photography can come with many surprises. To help you with this, here are some creative photoshoot ideas for newborn photography that have helped others tremendously. Of course, every photographer and organizer will have a different style and technique of doing things but these are just some of the top concepts you might want to check.

1. Yawning Baby

Admit it, babies are especially cute when they yawn. When they are feeling sleepy, they look sweeter and more adorable. This yawning baby picture idea is very natural since you just have to take the candid shot of the newborn. This will be beautiful because it will serve as the reminder of baby’s first sleepy and lazy weeks.

2. Sibling Goals

Babies are cute, that’s true. However, some parents find it more adorable when the picture is with all the children in the family. The idea of Sibling Goals is to shoot the baby with her big sister or brother. This will really be sibling goals because it will show the closeness of the kids in the picture.

3. Sleeping Angel

Forget about all the props, backdrops, and other accessories. Bring out those cute little blankets, pillows, and a nice printed bed sheet. Sometimes, bells, whistles, stuffed toys and other toys are needed to perform a good photo shoot with your newborn. Something basic, plain and neutral works just as well, like while the angel is sleeping.

4. Baby in a Container

The container here is not just limited to a big plastic bag or box, this can also be a basket, a crate, or even a barrel. Just make sure that whatever container you will choose is clean. Let the baby sleep in just any of these and decorate it with just a few flowers, fluffy blankets, balloons, and more.

5. Accessorize

If the baby was born in winter, why not add some mittens, a bonnet, and some fake snow to your creative photo shoot? If the newborn comes out in spring, decorate the location with some colorful flowers, and put a pretty floral hair bow on your baby. Accessories help set the scene and bring beautiful energy.


Baby’s creative newborn photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to put him/her in a ridiculous-yet-adorable outfit. Explore and be creative as much as you can. Allow having brainstorming sessions so that you may get everyone’s opinion.



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