Dr. Jones: Utah’s Liposuction Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jones: Utah’s Liposuction Plastic Surgeon

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Liposuction, or most commonly known as lipo, is one of the most popular cosmetic methods around the world, especially in America. Compared to other surgical procedures, liposuction (if done correctly) can produce incredible results with very little downtime and no scarring. There’s no shame attached to getting liposuction especially nowadays since this is already a tren. In fact, 200,000 Americans undergo the procedure every year, so,  you know someone who’s either had the surgery or is thinking about getting it done. The key to amazing results with liposuction is that you meet a professional surgeon who spends enough time figuring out exactly what is best for you to achieve.


Meet Dr. Jones


Trenton C. Jones is one of the Utah’s best liposuction plastic surgeon. He is a well-known doctor in his field for giving clients and patients a well-deserved treatment and services. Dr. Jones spends so much time in consultation with his patients, and it’s why he approaches medicine with as much of a personal touch as he can. If a certain patient wants to learn more about liposuction, its processes, and how to achieve the body of their dreams, they must get in touch for a free consultation so that Dr. Jones will explain everything to them.


Dr. Jones is a board-certified plastic surgeon, recognized by the official American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) for his experience and skill. With top-notch schooling and training in a variety of medical environments, Dr. Jones is also the president of the liposuction Utah State Plastic Surgery Society. In fact, he has performed more than one thousand plastic surgery procedures to date—with just as many amazingly happy patients as a result. And even though everybody is unique, all clients can rest assured that Dr. Jones has performed a vast array of surgeries for people just like you, people now leading happier, healthier lives.


Results Patients Love


In liposuction, we can definitely achieve the shape we desire and the shape we deserve. However, not all of us is capable of undergoing liposuction procedures that is why it still best to consult doctors first. Dr. Jone will make sure that he will answer all the questions of a client, review their medical records or history, and determine if a liposuction is right for them and for their body.


Because Dr. Jones spends so much time meeting with and getting to know his patients, he’s the most capable of building the most personalized surgery and recovery plan for your individual needs. He gets the positive effects you desire, period and all with little scarring and pain, a speedy recovery, and a smile a mile wide.



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